Hand Printed Surface Pattern Designs
Reconstructed Umbrella
Blanket woven in two panels
Wool blanket woven on a 4-harness loom. Two panels joined at center; 67x56".
Hands engaged/ Hands otherwise engaged
Variations on a Collection
Of items collected from my house, (conceptual) wallpaper designs thematic of the spaces they are meant to occupy: a fancy room, a work room, a play room, and a...
Pythagorean Pillows
A recognizable measuring tool, the set square, is unusable as such in its pillow form. Self designed hand printed fabric depicts dexterous hands engaged in...
Printer Print / Printer Wallpaper
A project about printing as an art form and for function in the real and virtual worlds. Screen prints on paper and on paper yardage; digital and downloadable...
Times Conglommed
An amalgamation of drawings made during weekly meetings of MPAC (Minneapolis Plein Air Coterie) between June 2013 and February 2014 One color screen print and...
Un-Repeat Machine
Loop Printing Machine
LiveDraw Kaleidoscope
Live Draw Kaleidoscope from kietakey on Vimeo. video by Kieran Riley Abbott
Fax Machine
This project has two components, a flip book and an animated gif. The same animation happens in each--one machine appears to morph into another. The depiction of...
Gesture Illustration Project
Sample visuals created for researchers from the University of Minnesota Department of Writing Studies. Illustrations accompanied their presentation at a...
A Parasite Story
Interpretation and retelling of a segment as heard on WNYC's Radiolab, this spread was created for a made to order book project for the class 'Night school' at the...
Promotional posters for a film series and a conference held at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.
Pipe Type
Letter forms determined from photos of gas pipe structures, then selected to form the full alphabet. Pipes photographed in St. Paul, MN. Deliverable—meander book,...
THERE Journal of Design
THERE, 2012 A publication of the University of MN College of Design; 2012 theme: Interface cover and sample spreads